1The aim of the Association is to help promote good fellowship,good sportsmanship and good fishkeeping, and to further the interest in the keeping
of all tropical, marine and coldwater fish.
The Y.A.A.S. has no intention of ruling or interfering with the running of members' own Societies, but is willing to try to help by discussion
at our meetings with problems arising within our member Societies
2The Association is formed to promote closer liaison between member Societies,
and is not in opposition to any other Association or Federation
3The officers shall be elected bi-annually and consist of :-
Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Treasurer, Show League Secretary and two Committee Members.
4The first of January is deemed to be the beginning of the financial year, and all subscriptions are due on that date.
Failure to pay by the A.G.M. will result in an extra levy as imposed by Management Committee
5The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the last Saturday of January each year.
N.B. Please note that any Society not having paid the annual subscription shall be deemed unable to participate in any votes or discussions
6The membership subscription shall be revised annually by the Management Committee and a recommendation shall be made to the
annual general meeting as to the amount to be charged for such subscriptions
7Two delegates with full voting powers from each fully paid up Society will be allowed.
Other society members are allowed to attend the meetings, but will not be permitted to vote, irrespective of being a Management Committee member.
The Chairman of the Y.A.A.S. may have a casting vote if necessary.
8Delegate meetings will be held three times per year, one being at the A.G.M.,one mid year and one near the end of the year.
Management meetings to be held as and when deemed necessary but at least twice a year.
One to be held soon after the A.G.M. and one near the end of the year.
9To help member societies to promote Open Shows and further the interest of the individual in the showing of fish, the Y.A.A.S.
Diploma may be awarded at one of the Societies' Open Shows per year for the 'Best Single Fish' and 'Best Exhibit
10In conjunction with these shows, annual awards of 1st, 2nd and 3rd may be available whereby winners will be allocated points for the Society Show League. These points will only count at Open Shows with a minimum of 33 classes, held on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday.
Points gained for Juniors, Novice, Ladies, Novelty and Photographic classes will not count on the Show League.
Star Awards will be awarded to any fish or exhibit gaining 85 points or more. This allows entry to the Fish of the Year competition .
Show secretaries are to be responsible for informing Y.A.A.S.Show League Secretary of Show results each year.
11The Association will also award a badge to any Y.A.A.S. member who gains 50 first place cards, a badge for 100 first place cards,
a solid silver rose for 250 first place cards and a gold rose for 500 first place cards.
Cards will count at Open Shows outside the Y.A.A.S. provided that there is not a Y.A.A.S. Open Show on the same day and these cards must be date stamped on the day that they are won. 1st place cards to count from January 1972.
12The Association have their own Judges and Standards Committee who run a complete training scheme for all their judges.
A list of Y.A.A.S. Judges is available to each Society
13Free advertising is available to all Member Societies. Any information is to be sent to the Y.A.A.S. Newsletter Editor and it may be included with other items of interest in the Y.A.A.S. newsletters ( e.g. Forthcoming Open Shows, Auctions etc. ).
14In order to call an Extra-ordinary meeting, there must be at least one third of the Member Societies asking for this meeting to be held.
15All decisions shall be made by Management after consulting with the delegates and shall be made final.