On Sunday 3rd July the Yorkshire Association of Aquarist Societies held their annual Open Show at the Stockton-on-the-Forest Village Hall.

Show Judges

The most prestigious competition held at the Y.A.A.S. Open Show is that which leads to the title of 'Fish of Fishes'. Entry is open to any fish which has won a 'Best in Show', under Y.A.A.S. showing rules, over the past 12 months. Competition was very high and in a year when Rift Valley Cichlids have re-emerged as leading prize contenders on the Yorkshire show benches it was fitting that a beautiful Peacock Cichlid won 'Fish of Fishes' for the father and son showing team of Keith and David Lawton of the Wyke Show Society

. Best Exhibit of the Year is open to any 'Best Exhibit' winner from the Y.A.A.S. Open Shows of the previous 12 months. The husband and wife showing team of I and K. Wallbridge, who represent the Bradford & District A.S., took this title with their stunning Cherry barbs.

But awards at this event are not just about what happens on the day and in this respect
Gavin Cowan of Solway A.S. (the only Scottish aquarists' currently affiliated to the Y.A.A.S.) was presented with a Silver rose to mark 200 first placed Open Show cards whilst the Chrich family were presented with a Golden rose to mark their incredible 1,500th first placed card. this was their third gold rose Sue tells me that Brian's face beamed like a torch when this presentation was made
As for the Open Show itself it drew a total of 283 entries spread over 36 classes. We Yorkshire judges were joined by two 'guests' from the F.N.A.S. What a beautiful array of fish were to be seen ranging from small guppies to extra large goldfish and the sight of the biggest knifefish seen on the bench for many years. This made competition for the 'Best in Show' award very tight with victory, by less than a point, going to a beautiful Synodontis schoutedeni owned by North-East based aquarist Kevin Rodway.

As the show was judged Derek and Marie Harrop auctioned a large variety of fish and aquatic items. Sue and Martin (Petland) tell me that many bargains were to be had and that a large number of Corydoras and Platies were offered for sale.

To add to the flavour of the day the Anabantoid Association of Great Britain put on a display of labyrinth fish while Dr. David Ford was proud to display a variety of items relating to the first 30 years of Aquarian products.

A big thank you goes to all who helped on the day, to those who organised this event, to Y.A.A.S. affiliated groups and individual members for their sponsorship and to all the aquatic firms who sent along products for use as show and raffle prizes

By David Marshall

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